Home Sweet Home, for now at least.....

I would like to spend the whole of my life traveling, if I could anywhere borrow another life to spend at home.

We made it. The long goodbyes, the tears, the uprooting of what was known, the layovers, the baggage claims......Phew. It was a journey. It was long, and I'm not just talking about the flights. I would like to think that we, the girls and I, behaved ourselves even when faced with the unexpected extended layover in San Francisco.
Me (to Juan the gate agent): Excuse me, it's time to board, where is the plane?
Juan: Um. Yeah, we don't know.
Me: Glad we could clear that up.

From door to door it was 29 hours. I hope you are feeling bad for me. I hope that translates into bottles of wine, ice cream, gift certificates for the spa. 

The first leg of the journey was filled with tears, emotional outbursts, and fits of complete irrational thoughts born from exhaustion. 
I should clarify that these came from the girls and not me. Someone had to be a grown up and by default that was me since Andy was on a different flight. (We were cashing in on frequent flyer miles)
The second leg of the journey was filled with acceptance, small glimmers of excitement, Benadryl induced sleep and the development of cankles the likes of which I have never seen before. Seriously, flopping over the edge of my flip flopped feet cankles. 
The third leg was bleary eyed resignation, bad judgement involving an airport meal, and Juan. 
Landing in Seattle was wonderful. Seeing my husband, mom, dad, and niece restored us a bit. Sleep and a shower did the rest.

The first week of the summer is a week spent getting things in place. We open up the house, dust, clean, get groceries, replace what was broken or misplaced by renters, and try to cobble together a bit of a routine. We really don't get around to the business of summer until about week 3. If you have heard anything about the weather in the Pacific Northwest this spring then you already know we have a few weeks to settle in until summer really begins anyway. Suffice it to say, we have the heat turned on.

There has been some sweetness in the past week.  We met friends at D'Anna's Cafe for dinner. I dream all year long of their Linguine with Fresh Clams.....I should probably figure out how to make it myself but I kind of like looking forward to it every year.  This morning we met A and M at Old Town Cafe for breakfast. It was M's first time and he enjoyed the Huevos Ranchero and the #9. There has also been Copper River Salmon, Woods Coffee, and a birthday. My youngest daughter turned 14 this week. We haven't gotten around to a birthday cake yet but I suspect she would rather have her cake made from Funfetti cake mix than something homemade. Seriously?!

This next week I am looking forward to getting a little more organized, putting some thought into menus and getting back to this blog.  Stay tuned.


  1. Oh, welcome to the good counties. YOU MADE IT. There is cheese ahead. And affordable wine. And so much more. I'm jealous of all of the above--mostly D'Anna's and Old Town Cafe. No, mostly being on familiar ground with those you love. I hope the days go slowly for you, my friend. And I sure hope we find our way to your deck. And come August, I really hope that hearts are light and excitement is brewing. Wonderful things are in store!
    PS. Please go to Saturday market for me as many times as possible.

  2. Thanks B! I do hope you'll make it to the deck. I'll have a bottle of something bubbly waiting. I'm soaking in all I can and will certainly go to the market as many Saturdays as possible. We've already hit Mallards.....so yum. Now all we need is a little sun:)