No that's not a style of Volkswagon. The Tuareg are a nomadic tribe in the Sahara. They run the salt trade routes in Mali Africa.
This little bit of trivia comes from a book that I read for my new book club. I got together with a group of lovely ladies last evening to discuss Men of Salt by Michael Benanav. The author books himself a trip crossing the Sahara on a camel from Timbuktu to Taoudenni. He wants to see for himself if this ancient form of business, mining salt and transporting it by camel across the Sahara, can withstand the threat of commercial trucks.
The book was okay. The physicality of the trip, the endurance, the ability to really push yourself is an interesting story but I had a hard time buying into it as I never really liked the author. I found him to be self indulgent and the story wasn't that intriguing.  I think he missed the mark, he should have written the book about his guide Walid and the other characters they met along the way. A book about the Tuareg guides would have been a more compelling read.
Anyway, I'm sure you'd rather hear about what was cooking!

Frites From Dorie Greenspans cookbook Around my French Table
Thank you Julie, they were addictive!

Tunisian Wine, thank you Ann!

Susan's Black Beans and Rice Delicious!

Lauren's roasted Endive with Proscuitto and Balsamic Vinegar and Roasted Tomatoes. 
Planning to make this very soon!

We certainly ate better than the author and his guide did while on their trip.  Heck, we would have eaten better if we ate insects and poisonous snakes. Rancid Camel meat, rice and a large quantity of sand was standard fare in the caravan. I'm quite happy to not be a Tuareg.

* The recipes linked above are not the exact recipe(except for the cookies) for the food that was shared, they are a great jumping off point though.  Enjoy!

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