Happy Trails and Happy Birthdays

This has been a big year, our 10th year overseas. When we left all those years ago my youngest daughter was still learning how to write her last name. When signing her passport, she confused the D with a B, and then soon lost interest in writing the rest. Her signature was a slumpy, jumble of fat letters. Three passports later, and with a solid grasp on how to write her last name, she is 16! Today is her birthday and gosh I'm proud of her. She is kind and funny, has a huge faith, and she still lets me hold her hand in public. IN PUBLIC!

I was anticipating what she might want in a Sweet Sixteen Birthday Cake. In the pantry I've been stashing away a few things: almond extract and almond paste (no vanilla for her), sprinkles, pretty cupcake wrappers, candles. I was looking at recipes, plotting and planning when her request came in.

Pancakes please.


Yes. Pancakes please.


You may recall when my older daughter turned sixteen. I found the most perfectly decadent chocolate cake to make for her. She then asked for a Funfetti from a box cake with the frosting from the can to go with.

I should have seen the pancakes coming.

So we had pancakes for dinner, and breakfast for dinner happens to make the birthday girl very happy. And honestly, it made me happy because our house looks a little like this.

No we weren't robbed. We're moving. And with the entire house packed out (kitchen included) I wasn't sure how to pull off a birthday cake.

In one week we will be moving back to the Seattle area. We are very excited! While returning home is filled with nostalgia and the familiar, there will be plenty of new and exciting trails to blaze!

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